I hate to rant on a negative subject like this, but I'm sick of sitting on my arse and waiting for change to come. This has to be said. 

We are living a complete lie and are completely enslaved to the system. I can already hear people going "Oh god you're one of those" and that's okay, I understand being on that side of the fence, but this sea of ignorance can't keep continuing, so just hear me out.

Aren't you sick of doing the same shit, day in and day out? Going from pay check to pay check, being in debt and working like a slave by obeying orders and having no time to live the life you want to live?

We are raised since birth to do what we are told, to believe what they tell us to believe, and to be no different, to just obey and follow without questioning. Most people are so brainwashed that they completely fail to see this, and they look at people who question the system and think differently like they're bat-shit crazy, but this is because we have been programmed to do this. Not too long ago people were condemned for proposing that the world might not be flat, but this close-minded attitude is still alive and well in today's society.

We are all so disconnected, and many of us are very unhappy. We stare at our phone screens everywhere we go idolizing people we've never met, and watching mainstream news that is completely controlled and filtered by the government. We complain about the world yet do nothing about it, while fighting among ourselves.

We live in a world where we are completely stripped from our birth rights which is to be free, and the scary part is that most people think that we have freedom. Why is it that we have to pay for everything including our basic human needs like food, water and shelter. And if you try and take what our Earth provides you get locked away. I don't know about you guys but this doesn't sound like freedom at all.

We are completely destroying the Amazon Rainforest which is the lungs and medicine cabinet of our Earth, when there are many other alternative sustainable ways we can use for material. Just have a look at how fucking polluted our oceans have become, it's disgusting. Are we going to wait until our last tree gets chopped down, or our last river polluted before we actually wake up and do something? It's almost like we forget that we need trees to breathe.

FACT: We are the only species on Earth that destroys our own habitat. Just let that one sink in.

Ferntree Gully Quarry

Ferntree Gully Quarry

We are letting BILLIONS of starving people on our planet to die, even though we have more than enough money to fix this, but I guess starving children isn't profitable. Instead we spend this money on war and big corporations that are destroying this planet. 

We are consistently stuffing our faces with things that we call food which is filled with toxic chemicals and artificial preservatives. We are slaughtering animals who are genetically modified and have been drugged and tortured. We are so addicted and used to eating this stuff that we get furious and start attacking people who speak out against these kind of things. I get it, McDonald's might taste good but if you actually research what they put in their 'food' it will completely turn you off and probably scare you. Go a month without eating this stuff, and then try a Big Mac and see how sick you will feel.

Medical care is the THIRD leading cause behind death, after cancer and heart disease. Over 100 000 people die from pharmaceutical drugs EVERY year, which is never talked about in the news. Cancer is a $124.6 BILLION dollar industry (according to beforeitsnews.com), so of course they don't want you to find a cure. This is because pharmaceutical companies are built around profit and actually control all drug laws (I'm not making this up, look it up yourselves). This is not rocket science guys, it's blatantly obvious to see what is happening when you just open your eyes. 

But guess what? We can change all this because WE hold ALL the power. We are the fuel that drives the elites that hide behind the government and big corporations. We are the ones who build their cities, make their machines and fight their wars. Many people are starting to realize this on a global level. 

I get it, it's hard to change. It's hard to get out of our comfort zones and change how we live, especially after our whole lives of being conditioned to live and think the way we do. It's hard to give a shit about getting caged-free eggs when we don't even give a shit about ourselves. It's hard to turn the television off to stop distracting ourselves from reality. It's easy to ignore world issues when we don't even face our own. It's very easy to attack someone instead of learning to deal with our emotions and confronting our demons. Trust me I know these struggles as I've been there like all of us, but we cannot keep living like this.

This is exactly why we all need to start with ourselves. Because what we see in the world and in other people is a reflection of what we feel on the inside. This is just basic psychology guys, so we really have to step up and do something. Just take it a step at a time so you don't burn yourself out, even if that first step is just changing your diet or just being a nicer person. Just take that first step and do something. This might be hard but nothing worthwhile in life comes easy. Nothing worth fighting for comes without sacrifice. A big part of why we are in this mess to begin with is because we've been taking the easy route.

We need to start BEING the change we want to see in the world. We have to fight for our rights and not let our political leaders control us with FEAR. It is not too late...we can still do this, we just need to ACT and wake up.

The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.
— Che Guevara


Check out the video below by which inspired me to do this little rant. This video can be very eye-opening so I invite you guys to check it out.

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Source: http://www.trueactivist.com/this-video-exposes-the-corrupt-world-were-living-in-but-we-can-change-it/?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=antimedia

Cover photo source: https://flic.kr/p/5CZ4gc


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