Our ancestors have known about psychedelics and their healing potwntial for many thousand years now. Our modern culture is just starting to scratch the surface over the past few years.

There has been a big shift in public opinion about psychedelics. As more and more credible research emerges, the more the reputation of these psychedelic medicines increase.

Psychedelics are incredible tools for expanding your consciousness and delving deep into the subconscious mind. They can be used for deep healing like moving past childhood traumas, or they can be used as treatment  for chronic mental illness such as clinical depression. That being said, it is important to note that many of these scientific studies have had psychotherapy-assisted treatment to compliment psychedelics.

Psychedelics can also be used for recreational use, but in my personal opinion; this is a big waste. It's like playing tetris on a super computer. I mean yeah sure, you can play tetris just fine on it, but there are so many limitless possibilities  you could explore.

Psychedelics are not to be messed with, as they can make you vulnerable to both worlds (the negative and the positive). You must respect psychedelics or they will punish you, so do NOT take them lightlyThey can turn any badass motherfucker feel like a helpless child. Trust me.

There have been instances where people have had horrifying experiences like jumping out of windows, but that being said, this is extremely rare. Some people just do not have the right brain chemistry for psychedelics. And most of these unfortunate stories usually involve people not taking the drug seriously. Psychedelics themselves are perfectly safe on a physical level. It would almost be impossible to overdose on any psychedelic substance. They do not do physical damage to your body and/or organs.

Did you know that it would take your whole body weight in fresh psilocybin mushrooms to overdose? Insane right?

I do not condone the use of any drugs. This is purely for harm reduction. There are way too many people out there that use psychedelics just like any other drug, and this is where they fuck up royally.

Without further a due, here is a guide to ensure you have the safest trip possible. 

Set & Setting


Set & setting is by far the most important step to consider if you want to ensure a good trip.  

Having the right mindset is key, as psychedelics will amplify any emotions you may have. Any issues or demons you have will  most likely get brought out, and you will have to face them. Don't be afraid though, because psychedelics will help you look at these issues with a new perspective and help you move on by breaking down any boundaries. It is very important that you do not resist. Surrender to it and trust that it will reveal what needs to be shown.

How to prepare your mindset

Best thing to do is to centre yourself before you ingest any psychedelic drug. Focus on your breathing and have a good intention. Try meditating or listening to calm music (I suggest using binaural beats). Use whatever technique as long as it calms your mind and sets you up for a positive mindset.

If you feel negative or down, then I suggest not taking any psychedelics, as this would probably do more harm than good. 


Setting is just as important for your mindset if you want to have a safe trip. 

Do NOT do it in a public place like a house party or a park which has people that you do not know. It's better to be safe than sorry. You never know who you will see and how you will react. It can only take one person to spiral you down into a bad trip.

Psychedelics make you extremely sensitive to energies, so bumping into somebody with a bad 'vibe' will most likely ruin your trip.  

Be in a safe environment where there will be minimal interruptions. Don't be stupid and do it in a graveyard or a rap concert. It is wise to have a psychedelic experience in a space that is free from physical dangers as well as psychic entities. 


Have A Sitter

Even if you're an experienced tripper, always have a sitter! 

You never know what's going to happen, so it's always better to play it safe. Don't be a hero.

I would highly recommend having a sitter, or at least somebody there to guide you which you trust 100%. This is just in case you freak out or do anything stupid. This is why it is important to have somebody there to calm you down and tell you that everything is okay, or stop you from harming yourself.

If you absolutely insist on doing it by yourself, at least have someone on standby just in case. 

I once ingested a heroic dose of mushrooms by myself. I played the hero and thought I could handle it. Luckily I had my girlfriend on standby.

Who knows what would have happened if she didn't come to my rescue! 

Minimum Effective Dose

I'm one of many who has bitten off more than I could chew.

It did not end well.  

The goal of giving any medicine is to give the least amount possible to pursue the desired result. 

My final Ayahuasca ceremony

My final Ayahuasca ceremony

I remember my first Ayahuasca ceremony. The shaman, Don Lucho poured me half a cup of the jungle brew. That night was the most confronting and terrifying nights of my life. So much so that I wanted to leave the jungle. Imagine what would have happened if Don Lucho did not abide by the minimum dosage rule, and instead gave me a full cup. Instead he made sure to give me the minimum dose necessary to have the kind of experience that I needed. 

Everything on this planet has an LD-50, or a lethal dose for 50% of the population. Even though psychedelics are virtually impossible to overdose on, you can still cross that line which will transport you into a frequency of harm instead of a place of healing.

Be safe. Don't be a hero. 

Extra Cautionary Steps

Don't Resist!

Resisting to what is will only make it worse. If you slam the door, your demons are only going to knock louder and harder until they eventually burst through.  The best advice I can give you is to face your fears head on. Don't panic. Instead, accept and observe the dark side. Know that it is only a cloud that will eventually pass. 

Instead of going into the foetal position, sit in an upright position and center yourself. Sometimes we forget that our physiology and mind are literally connected, meaning they effect each other.   

Remind yourself that you will come out stronger and wiser. Do not convince yourself of this illusion that this fear you may have is real and permanent. 


Music isn't absolutely necessary, but it can be a great ally to put you into a positive state. Always have a playlist in your tool belt just in case.

I recommend having a Shpongle playlist.

Be Safe!

Share this around guys. There are too many people getting hurt and ruining the reputation of psychedelics because of ignorance. Obviously our schools and government aren't going to educated us on how to stay safe with psychedelics, they're just going to tell you to stay away from it!

Take care guys.



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